Pacific Credit Repair is not a traditional credit repair company but it follows new trends and directions of the modern era. With the advancement of time, the complexities of any department have increased. A similar case is with credit repair companies. Pacific Credit Repair is designed to meet the needs of modern time credit issues and find appropriate solutions of your credit issues. Pacific Credit Repair deals directly with each Credit Bureau reviewing derogatory accounts on your Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit reports. Our proprietary method at Pacific Credit Repair has yielded results in days not months like most other credit repair companies

Our services

We offer following services regarding credit repair:removal-of-bankruptcies

  • Removal of Collections
  • Removal of Late Payments
  • Removal of Bankruptcies
  • Removal of Judgments
  • Free consultation
  • Credit Monitoring

Superior Credit Repair Services

Negative items on your credit report make you victim of higher interest rates. With bad credit score you have to pay thousands of unnecessary dollars, more than your neighbors with better credit scores. You have right to challenge any item on your credit report that may be misleading, incomplete or unverifiable/ questionable. You can claim for credit repair on your own, but if you consult with a reputable credit repair company, it lessens your worries and anxieties. Having a professional advocate for you who knows the law and the most effective methods yields you the best results. Pacific Credit Repair is such place where you can get solution of your poor credit history.

We Get Results Removing:collections

  • Bankruptcies
  • Repossessions
  • Tax Liens
  • Inaccuracies
  • Inquiries
  • Late Payments
  • Charge-Off’s
  • Collections
  • Judgments
  • Foreclosures

Pacific Credit Repair negotiates with your creditors and lenders to remove incorrect or unjust information from your credit reports.

Consumer Protection

consumer-protectionConsumer protection is one of our main focuses at Pacific Credit Repair. We ensure that our clients are protected from debt collectors and their abusive tactics. Moreover, your personal details and information remain secret with us. Once you enter your personal record in computer, it can be stolen easily. If your sensitive information has been stolen, it is very easy to misuse your details. Here at Pacific Credit Repair your personal data and record is safe and secure. We keep your information secret and hidden. If you are facing issue of identity theft, our professional at Pacific Credit Repair may recover it to maintain your safety and security. At Pacific Credit Repair We will take a closer look at how and why identity theft happens, and we will cover a number of proactive steps you can take to prevent it.

Credit Report Audit

Team Pacific Credit Repair will audit your credit report for errors to dispute and share results with you. We use our years of professional experience to examine your credit report as a whole, honing in on which items need attention. We have complete knowledge about incorrect information which is naturally distressing to the untrained eye comes as no surprise to us. At Pacific Credit Repair, we analyze deeply whether the information on your credit report is genuine or consistent. Using our training and experience, we identify serious errors that may be severely impacting your credit versus those not worth your money to dispute. Our Credit Audit provides a watchful, trained eye and helpful hand in determining your next steps toward improving your credit and pursuing your financial and life goals.

Pacific Credit Repair Benefits

Our credit repair service is designed to achieve quality results in the shortest time span possible.  Bad credit significantly impacts the financial aspects of everyday life in a negative way. Team Pacific Credit Repair produces impeccable results in a timely fashion.

Pacific Credit Repair provides many financial benefits including:benefits

  • Great mortgage and refinancing rates
  • Lower interest rates on car loans and leases
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Greater employment opportunities
  • Increasing negotiating power

We do not promise to rewrite your credit history but we promise and try our maximum to lift your credit score.


How much does it cost to repair my credit?
In addition to setting you back even more money, bad credit lines your financial options and threatens your monetary security. If you're aiming to make a favorable modification, the time is currently. At Pacific Credit Repair, our cost is $99.95 per month, plus a one-time charge of $14.99 to obtain your debt records.
Can a credit repair company really help?
A genuine credit score repair company removes negative items from your credit record and also helps improve your debt standing, making it simpler to obtain a mortgage, car loans, bank card or insurance. No credit history repair service business can ensure that a poor rating will certainly boost
How long does it take to rebuild bad credit?
So while the fixing procedure might only take 3-6 months, the moment it requires to reconstruct your credit history can take longer. It can occupy a year or even more to attain an excellent credit score, depending upon how low you start.
Is Credit Repair illegal?
Credit scores repair might not have the best online reputation as monetary services go, yet it's a government secure right. It is essential to keep in mind that credit repair work is legal in all 50 states. There's a federal regulation that ensures consumers the right to dispute details in their credit history report to have it dealt with
What is credit washing?
Credit rating washing occurs when a borrower disagreements unfavorable info in a credit history report, prompting the company to "tidy," or temporarily delete, the details from the report as well as, ultimately, boost the consumer's credit report.